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Great Content Attracts, Engages and Converts Leads into Loyal Clients

In building your online presence content is king and context is queen. Modern marketing today is about building your online relationships with content that is informative, relevant, engaging and entertaining.

Digital Marketing Compass will gather your communication objectives, and within your budget, help build-out a content road map right for your business.

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Videos Blogging Writing

Videos are a powerful way to tell your business story, whether it's to introduce your mission, promote a product or service or build your credibility through testimonials.

Digital Marketing Compass will help you determine the best videos or series of videos to produce. We will then bring in the team of specialist to produce and if necessary write the video. Depending on the video it can take from 1- 3 weeks to produce a professional video.

Digital Marketing Compass can provide an assessment and recommendations on suggested topics based on your brand, audience, business goals, competition and keywords.

Our professional copywriters and journalists can write on topics of your choice; on a weekly or monthly basis to help meet your communication goals. We also offer writing and editing for websites and landing pages.

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Reasons why Videos is for Small Business

  • Videos are a very engaging way to pull-in your visitor.  Visitors typically stay 2 minutes longer.
  • Loading vidoes to Youtube, a powerful search engine, helps you get found and linking them to your site to drive more track improves your ranking for SEO.
  • Smartphones and the love of videos is growing, as a small business it's important not to overlook this trend.
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