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Modern Marketing Generates Digital Leads

As buyers take more control over researching online about products and services before they are willing to buy means being online is critical for your business success.

This shift in the buying process requires a shift in Marketing and how Marketing connects with customers.

Marketing is no longer about brochureware, tradeshows and direct mail. And, Sales is no longer about cold calling. To be successful requires marketing to integrate with selling in the buying process with a combined strategy to attract, capture and convert digital marketing leads into sales opportunities.

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Lead Acquisition Strategy and Tactics

Knowing your key segments, the personas, how they buy, what solutions you solve and who is involved in the decision making are the key elements to a successful, digital marketing, lead, acquisition strategy.

Second, is building an integrated persuasion sequence with all the right elements that generate cost-effective, qualified and timely digital marketing leads.

Lead Nurturing Helps Overcome the Challenges of Selling into Companies

  • Long Lead Time
  • Multiple Stakeholders in the Sales Funnel
  • Complexity
  • Benefits users in the long-term
  • 6-24 month relationship
  • Long-term annuity stream
  • Economic buyer distance from user

Average no. of people involved in a buying decision is 6.8—number goes as high as 21 with a buying committee *

*Marketing Sherpa

Lead Nurturing Warms a Lead to make them Sales-Ready

Once Marketing has a acquired a lead, then what? If they send it to Sales and it's poor quality, it wastes Sales time and worse they may stop following up on all the Marketing leads, even the good ones because they can't tell the difference. Lead nurturing is about about building a digital conversation that warms the leads and allows Marketing to gather more information to increase the probabilty that it's a good quality lead – not just by Marketing's standards but also Sales'.

5 Important Steps for Successfully Nurturing Leads.

  • Profile best customers
  • Gather Information about Prospects
  • Create a process for scoring and passing leads
  • Develop content to engage
  • Measure and make adjustments

"When you build content, especially for your buyer personas, you build a relationship with people before you've even met them."

David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist and Author The New Rules of Marketing & PR

What's Important for Your Sales and Marketing Team in 2016?


Provide more qualifed leads that convert to sales, deliver content to increase revenue per customer and have a good a prospect database to sell to.

Online Marketing

Automate Marketing Lead Nurturing, get an ROI on Social Media, Develop, quality engaging, online content including blogging and videos. Also, attract more qualified leads with demand generation programs – including webinars. virtual tradeshows. Increase web traffic & convert visitors into leads and have a responsive website that I can track and analyze marketing spend.

Whether you are just launching marketing online or tuning up your online channels, having the right digital marketing compass with the right sized strategy, tools and services ensures you save time and money and you get the sales results you need. Find out what the best digital marketing lead marketing strategy is for your business.

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