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How SEO Drives Your Content Strategy

5. 11. 2015

SEO Drives More than Traffic – SEO Drives Your Content Strategy

We have heard it starts with the customer. A well informed search engine marketing company will also tell you that SEO is all about the customer.

  • Who are your customers?Search Engine Marketing Company drive digital leads
  • Where they are?
  • What problem they need to solve?
  • How do they search to find solutions?
  • With knowing your customer, SEO becomes the driver for earned media and content on your web pages, blogs and social media platforms. After all it’s not just google, youtube and twitter are also considered very powerful search engines!

The key to unlocking your keyword potential is by building a content strategy and gaining a full view of how your content is performing across all your web pages and social media platforms and how it attributes to your sales’ revenue.

Is your content optimized with your SEO keywords? Do you have a content strategy that educates, informs, persuades and solves the problems your potential buyers are seeking?

Just like your customer is not one single tactic, all your communications needs to be integrated so the search engines, your website, social media links and content are all working to solve their problem and to drive revenue for your business.

Your search engine marketing company will help you select the best keywords for SEO and help with content then build a dashboard to track your success

Monitor Traffic and conversions in analytics.
Rank position for the keyword and which page or pages are ranking.
Search volume for the keyword (both broad match and exact match).
Analyze the ranking pages and look for opportunities to further optimize the keywords
Implement changes and watch for changes in position, traffic from organic search, and most importantly conversions. If there are positive changes, suggest creating some additional content that includes the keyword and continue to watch for changes.
Link social media traffic to your site with optimized keywords
As frequently as possible, look for other non-branded keywords that can driving organic search traffic and conversions.
Remember to not “over optimize” or limit your success with only a few keywords. Keep building your business with relevant content that transforms your clicks into sales!

How SEO drives your content strategy change how you market online? Please share your thoughts.

About Gabrielle Hailmann

Leader in Modern Marketing with a focus on online digital marketing lead generation. With over 17 years' experience in working for industry leaders in Canada. 2010 recognized as one of the top 10 women in direct marketing in Canada.
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