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Converts More Leads into Customers

Not all leads are ready to buy but research shows 80% will end up buying within 12 months. With Lead Nurturing programs you increase your chances they will buy from you.

  • Increases Sales Conversions
  • Shortens the Sales Cycle
  • Makes Selling More Productive

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Lead Nurturing Programs Build Relationships

Lead nurturing programs are at the centre of the way successful businesses court their clients in the modern marketing world. If you're still using heavy handed, antiquated marketing techniques like blasting your whole database with the same case studies and newsletters then you've strayed off the path that leads to the results you're looking for.

Lead nurturing programs are about building relationships, regardless of whether the prospects are ready to buy from you. It creates value; creating relations that are built on trust and consistency. With the right tools it generates trackable results to measure your investment.

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Are monthly newsletters a good lead nurturing program?

A newsletter is typically sent to both your base of customers and prospects.  However, segmenting your base and tailoring your messages can improve the impact and the reaction you're seeking. When selecting a topic, make sure it is relevant to those receiving it.  Sending out a newsletter is a great start in keeping in touch and allows you to demonstrate your expertise and can deliver website traffic and demand for your products and services.

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