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Digital Marketing Compass Provides Strategy, Execution and Analysis

We Develop the Strategy and work each step to maximize results

  • Set-up and provide ongoing management. We select the best PPC strategy and campaign based on your goals, target audience and budget.
  • Prior to executing a successful campaign, an assessment of who your audience is, how they search for your services and what's your competitive landscape is a critical step.
  • In executing a successful campaign it's about writing compelling ads, creating powerful landing pages, and managing the details: your budget, your bids. your key phrases, your ad groups, your testing, your click-thru rates, your conversions and ultimately your return on investment.
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What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is online advertising and a quick way to generate traffic to your website. Promoting your company, products, services, events or contests on websites or search engines your buyers may visit is a popular way to generate digital marketing leads and sales for your business.

How Does PPC Work?

When a visitor clicks on your advertisement to go to your landing page or website, you pay the advertiser for each time the ad is clicked. The amount may vary based on how your competitors’ bid for the same ad placement. This auction happens real-time.

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