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Search Engine Marketing Drives Buyers to Your Site

As part of your online business marketing strategy, search engine optimization for small business is a critical as it provides the opportunity to capture buyers when they are searching for solutions for the products and services you provide.

Search engine optimization for small business enhances the brand along with generating more digital marketing leads. Without SEO, your brand diminishes when customers are expecting to find you and you’re not there.

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It's a 3-Step Process to Get You There and Keep you There!

  • Identifying your different buyers is the first part. The second part is narrowing down the best key word phrases those potential buyers will use to become aware and seek to find your offering online. It is a science and an art. We help you decide based on our key criteria; volume, relevancy, competitiveness, location and the amount of time to achieve the traffic and first page rankings.
  • Executing the plan is a partnership involving online tactics on your site and off your site. On your site we optimize for search engine crawlers from meta descriptions, titles, tags, URLs, relevant terms and upload speeds. Off site optimization includes building your social media profiles and strategy, directory listings, backlinks, press releases, content sharing, articles and followings.
  • Maintaining your rankings is part of our job; no one can stay on top unless you adapt to changes in the marketplace, buyers and Googles' algorithm.
    Monthly we provide reporting so you can track your success.
    Search Engine Optimization for small business includes providing tips to keep potential buyers engaged. With no contracts, we earn your loyalty through our service.
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What is Search Engine Marketing

It is a form of Internet marketing that focuses on generating traffic to the websites by increasing its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid ads and organic search.

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