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What Types of Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are there?

5. 11. 2017

Are you wondering if Pay-Per-Click Campaigns is the right strategy to grow your business or perhaps your wondering what is PPC?

Click on the links to get your answers.

What is is PPC?

How it Works?

What type of Pay-Per Click Campaigns are there?

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Display Network
  • Retargeting

Social Media Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is online advertising and a quick way to generate traffic to your website. Promoting your company, products or services, events or contests on websites or search engines your buyers visits is one popular way to generate digital marketing leads and sales for your business.

How it Works?
When a visitor clicks on your advertisement to go to your landing page or website, you pay the advertiser for each time the ad is clicked. The amount may vary based on how your competitors’ bids for the same ad placement. This auction happens real-time.

Google Adwords
It is one of the most popular Pay-Per-Click Campaigns whether you are a small business or a big brand. With the volume of searches on google, you will find most of your buyers. To set-up an adword campaign you need to know what keywords your potential buyers will use to search to seek your type of products or services, where your buyers are located, who your competitors are and ad copy that will drive them to click onto your ad.
Adwords appear either at the top of your screen or the side when searching. With google they will have an AD icon so those searching will know that a business had purchased the spot to display the ad. If a business is displayed on a page and it’s not an ad that’s referred to as an organic placement versus a paid search placement.
Research has shown that although organic search is more likely to be clicked on, when someone clicks on an ad they are more intent on buying.
You can set geo-targets, allocate a maximum bid and a maximum daily budget when setting up your ads. How much to bid will be based on how much your competitors are also willing to pay for the same ad placement. The number of estimated clicks or your target goal and the bid amount will determine your budget.
When one clicks on your ad its call a click through rate (CTR). It is based on how many times your ad was viewed on the page or how many impressions it received. An average click thru rate CTR can vary by industry, typically 2%, above 2% is considered above average.

Google Display Network
Google’s online advertising technology allows you to advertise with text ads, on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet The Google display network reaches 80% of Internet users. It generates higher impressions but lower CTR than google adwords. So it’s important to know what your goals are; is it primarily awareness, leads or sales.

Like setting up a google adword campaign, it starts with the keywords based on your key audience and the products and solutions you offer. Your ads will be displayed on the websites that agreed to be part of the network and have similar content or keywords you have chosen. You also have the choice to select specific target sites. Like google adwords you can set-up the campaign based on cost per click or cost per impression (CPM). The cost is based on each 1,00- impressions.

Knowing that only about 1- 2% of your visitors decide to purchase or contact you to enquire about your product, a retargeting program follows your potential buyer after leaving your site and offers them an incentive or reminder to return and purchase your product.
Based on cookie technology, as your potential buyer goes anywhere on the Internet that is part of the ad network, they will be served up an ad that can be targeted to what interests them. Retargeting gets you in front of your buyer giving them a second, third or even a fourth chance to convert. As with other pay-per-click campaigns, it requires bidding real time with other businesses for ad placement.

Social Media Pay Per Click Campaigns

Facebook is the largest auction on the Internet. Like other CPC campaigns you need to set your budget and your bid amounts. Facebook with its rich content allows you to target based on the following selections:

Custom Audience: you can choose to download a list of customers or choose to retarget potential buyers that visited your site to view your ads on facebook

  • Location: Targeted by country, states/regions/provinces, cities (a radius within a city), Zip and postalcodes.
  • Demographics: age and gender
  • Interests: [ages they liked and other activities on and off of Facebook
  • Behaviours; based on their digital activities, what devices they use, past or intended purchases, and travel.
  • Educations: select based on education levels, specific schools, fields of study or specific graduation years
  • Connections: Control whether or not your ad is served to people who have already connected with you on Facebook.
  • Partner Categories: you can display your ad based on actions your audience has done online or offline, like shop for a car. However, the partner categories are limited.

As a powerfuls social media platfrom, Facebook offers more than PPC campaigns with other engagement goals in mind to increase brand and popularity. If you want to build brand and for retail and package goods, this may be worth your investment but for generating leads there may be better investments. Overall, the bigger challenge for B2B advertisers on Facebook is generating conversions and high-quality leads.

Twitter now offers lead generation cards. You develop an ad with a call to action for them to sign-up or to be contacted.   When a potential lead expands the Tweet they see the call to action and the card already filled with their twitter handle and email information.  All they need to do is simply click a button and the information is securely sent to you.

You pay only when the lead card is completed with contact information. Similar to CPC campaigns it’s an auction model, which means that you’re bidding on access to your target audience. Your target can be based on the following:

• Interests: Twitter has over 350 interest categories to choose from.
• Keywords: Twitter is a powerful search engine. People use this social media platform to keep updated. Like other campaigns you can choose specific keywords they have recently used in their tweets or engaged with in tweets.
• Followers: Reach your audience based on specific interests they have or have followers. Good for targeting niche audiences.
• Television: Reach people who Tweet about, or engage with Tweets about their favourite television shows.
• You can also target by geography, language, gender and device.

LinkedIN is a social media website for business professionals. For PPC campaigns it offers precision targeting as follows:
• Job title and function
• Industry and company size
• Seniority
• Geography
Like other PPC campaigns you bid for ad placements. It requires a minimum $10 a day budget and $2.00 per click. It also offers Cost Per Thousand CPM.

From strategy to execution; testing learning and optimizing generates the best results for your business.

About Gabrielle Hailmann

Leader in Modern Marketing with a focus on online digital marketing lead generation. With over 17 years' experience in working for industry leaders in Canada. 2010 recognized as one of the top 10 women in direct marketing in Canada.
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