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Why Marketing Doesn’t Always Need to Look Like Marketing

5. 11. 2015

Marketing and Sales can be a winning partnership.  With Marketing getting more involved with marketing automation, qualifying the lead and taking the leads back from Sales when they don’t close, the relationship gets so much tighter.

Marketing Continues the Conversation until the Lead is Sales Ready

The prospect is interested (thanks to Marketing) but not ready to buy.  The last conversation the Sales Rep had should help determine the next conversation. Right?

Instead Marketing does the following:

  • Steps in and sends a highly Marketing looking html email.  What happened to building the relationship?

It’s like Marketing coming to a sales call with an Armani $2,000 suit when everyone else is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Marketing over dressing to impress can make the customer feel uncomfortable.

  • Sends an offer to the prospect they just refused instead of sending a complimentary or more compelling offer.
  • Over contacts the prospect with irrelevant, multiple impersonal html emails with a generic signature and  generic reply email address

Through marketing automation, a very personalized relevant follow-up email with the Rep’s signature can be more impactful in generating demand.  It requires the investment in gathering data on the customer, the Sales Rep and their conversation and less on fancy produced graphics and irrelevant content.

Does your marketing have the personal touch?

About Gabrielle Hailmann

Leader in Modern Marketing with a focus on online digital marketing lead generation. With over 17 years' experience in working for industry leaders in Canada. 2010 recognized as one of the top 10 women in direct marketing in Canada.
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